Oprah’s hypocritical statement

Oprah posts a message to her message boards about not using her show as a platform for any candidates…Though she has already publicly shown which candidate she supports…so in reality she already IS using her show and influence as a platform to support Obama….

Statement from Oprah Winfrey Posted on Sep 5, 2008 10:46 AM

“The item in today’s Drudge Report is categorically untrue. There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show. At the beginning of this presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over.” – Oprah Winfrey, September 5, 2008

14 out of 15 on page 1 alone criticized her statements…Pg 2 all criticize her…She should be criticized for her blatant hypocrisy, biast, and open biggotry…here are a few of those comments…


You mean the subject hasn’t even come up? You mean that some of the staff don’t want her on? BTW When you campaign for a person you ARE using your show politically because The Oprah show is why you have the clout to campaign. That being said… OBama ’08


If O didnt have a show, how could she throw all that dough to Mr. Experience zerO.

Oprah is a just another liberal media sheephearder. Hey, it is her show she can do as she wishes. SO wil my family and I. We are finished with the show, magazine, books. Until O can release some of her bias and get back to a objective dialog withthe people that made her rich and powerful, well, it’s boycott time.

Speaking of the bookclub…The Road bt Cormac McCarthy. Who would you rather have walking your son down the road, Oprah or Sarah Palin?


I think this statement is laughable. Oprah has been front and center with Obama throughout his campaign. Like it or not, Oprah IS The Oprah Show. If you don’t want to interview Palin, fine. Just be honest about your reasons.


I agree with Oprah 100%. No amount of Republican hate will change her mind. OPRAH IS RIGHT, she should not allow her show to be used be politicians in the middle of a campaign. If Ms. Wasilla does not want to be on the show once the election is over, she would have been exposed as an opportunist.


You have become such a major disappointment to me (and many of my girlfriends) over the past couple of years. I have been a huge fan for many of my years. But I disassociate myself with anything Oprah from now on. You truly irked me when you threw Obama to the media forefront for your own personal gain and to suffocate us with your political position. It comes across as your nauseating love for the man started just because he’s black. As an Illinois citizen, I will tell you this man has done crap as a lawmaker. Ooops, I am wrong. He did vote to NOT sustain the life of an aborted baby if it happens to survive it’s crucifixion…just let it lay there and flail and whimper til he/she dies…perfect! You have distanced yourself from Christianity and put your faith in New Age materials (I certainly hope I am not standing behind YOU on judgment day). You claim to have been turned off by the Christian faith since you heard a sermon that spoke of our God as a jealous God. You (as all of us) have so much to learn. Our God IS a jealous God. He wants our devotion, attention and service honoring His glory and not for worldly gain. If you would have just sought the pastor to ask, it would have been crystal clear to you. Then there was that idiotic video you took of you and Gail on your road trip. I knew I was watching worthless television when you didn’t even know how to pump gas…you should have been ashamed to proudly proclaim you didn’t know how to work a gas pump. I thought you had “meager” beginnings. Have you become such an elitist or as I like to say “snob” that you can’t even function with the most basic of all daily routines??? And now, you refuse to have Sarah Palin on…is her life story not as worthy as the black man’s? Are you afraid she will ultimately make a fool out of YOU with her intellect and passion and experiences??? Like I said…truly disappointed in you; but only a little surprised! And if you don’t post this opinion…that will speak volumes to me!!!


What a joke. I have lost all respect for Oprah. She could have had Sarah Palin on to not discuss policy, but just her life. This is weak Oprah. I don’t need the media censoring what I should know.


You have Obama on not once but TWICE during this current race, openly campaigned for him on your show and we now have another “historical” candidate in this race and for this one you REFUSE to have HER on!

How very disappointing, how sexist, how very partisan and political on your part!

I sure hope you and your staff change your mind but I won’t hold my breath.

All this decision does is reinforce my decision from a year or so ago to..

1) stop watching your show

2) stop “drinking the Oprah kool-aid” on all things in the world

3) stopped reading my Oprah magazine and when it was time to renew a year ago I did not. Each and every time I get a renewal form for it in the mail I not only not renew, I write a letter and give the exact reasons why I will NEVER renew the magazine!!!

How dissapointing you would choose YOUR personal political views on this race and YOUR candidate and not on this race as a whole….




This is very dissapointing Oprah. I was a huge fan of yours for the longest time. We had pictures taken with you after the Chicago Marathon a number of years back. Our group of girlfriends thought you were “the bomb”. I wish you had decided to stay out of the political spotlight. Why are so many celebrity types liberals? Some of my favorite singers and actors always come out for the democrats. It’s weird to me. And why does the media want Obama so badly? Oprah, you’ve had the support of women, strong conservative women who have helped to make you the huge success you’ve become. I think you owe us a show with Sarah Palin. And not after all this is over. It’s pertinent now. You know that. If your candidate is truly the best, then you have nothing to fear. But so many viewers will respect you more, if you give time to this interesting, strong, and captivating woman. That’s what you have always applauded. You’ve empowered so many of us over the years with that message. I hope you will rethink your decision to wait until after the election to invite her to the show. Thank you.


You have decided not to use your show? I love that the Drudge Report has this statement posted under a picture of Obama and Oprah chatting it up on the couch on the show!

I have lost faith in you Oprah over the years, and have become more and more convinced that she is unable to present a fair representation of all sides of any issue – let alone politics.

Seems Oprah has forgotten what it means to be American, and what a privilege it is to have a TV show that has the ability to encourage freedom of speech… Seems Oprah has her own agenda – and it is one dictated by her political views.

By denying a fair interview with both parties, Oprah, you have indeed made your show a political platform. Too late now!

This decision to facilitate your own agenda, your political beliefs, and deny free speech – you have convinced me that you are truly undeserving of my trust, time, any respect I had left, and or interest. This is the final nail in the coffin for me. And I have a feeling it will be for many Americans too.

I shall use my freedom of speech to tell you I will never watch your show again & I will not purchase any products you endorse…. Let alone a presidential candidate who is a manipulative, lying, narcissistic, inexperienced, spin master.