The Fraudulent Jesus, Preacher, Faith, and Grace of Counterfeit Christianity by Jesse Morrell

This is a good series with EXCELLENT preaching that you won’t hear on TV evangelists or from pastors sermons in most churches!  In Part 2 Jesse Morrell talks about the modern preachers of today and shows from the scriptures what makes them fraudulent preachers of counterfeit christianity that has been widely accepted my many claiming to follow the true Jesus Christ yet compromises the word of God for the love of money! In this series you have the Fraudulent Jesus of Counterfeit Christianity Pt 1, The Fraudulent Preacher of Counterfeit Christianity Pt 2, The Fraudulent Faith of Christianity Pt 3, and The Fraudulent Grace of Counterfeit Christianity Pt 4. Jesse Morrell of preaches a four part series on Counterfeit Christianity. Jesse Morrell is a full time open air missionary.


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