Jesus is the I AM

Moses asked God who will I tell them sent me. God said tell them I AM sent you. Jesus Christ is our I AM. He is our comfort and relief from our stress. He is our High Priest. He is our Peace , Hope, and Joy. He is our Love. He is our Strength. He is our Deliverer. He is our Resurrection and Life. He is the Way and the Truth. In Jesus is everything we need.

Eddie James “I Am”

IHOP (International House of Prayer) intern gives testimony of cultish behavior

Mike Bickle founder of International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO apparently is turning into a Cult. Watch Stephanie’s testimony who was an intern at IHOP.

Another blogger explains why they believe IHOP is a cult by comparing her experience at IHOP with cultish behaviors
Another testimony of a young man who gets involved to be an intern at IHOP whose father finds out it is a cult then seeks to get his son out.

So far that I have found there are 4 different people who have all given testimony to their experience at IHOP teaching false teachings and cultish behavior.  1 of theses testimonies was given in the comments below by Chad Golani (Thanks Chad for your testimony).

FYI: To those who sent me responses of this post who show their disapproval by using the whole false teachings of  ‘judge not’ to shut down any questioning of major ministries, as if they can do no evil or be led astray and leading others astray,  and the right of every believer as disciples of Jesus Christ to obey 1 John 4:1. This stifles the freedom of believers to bring into the light the corruption going on that is usually hidden from the majority to protect ‘the ministry’…Please read my post with a link by a brother who wrote about this very thing that is happening all over the body of Christ by believers that have been captivated by false teachers who use these perverted ideas on judging to condemn believers that boldly speak out concerning the hypocrisy and severe deception that is running rampant in the church. You are playing the hypocrite when you condemn such people for speaking out who do not shove it under a rug somewhere to hide it by being silent. When you make the accusation to ‘judge not’ you end up practicing the very thing you are claiming we should not do.  I will not be taking down this post for future commentors who want to shame anyone for bringing these things into the light to heard…Also please do not assume that I am a ‘non-pentecostal /charismatic just because I don’t agree with the pagan spirituality and excesses of supernatural experiences being elevated above the written word of  God. I don’t accept every supernatural manifestation through men as being from the Holy Spirit because they claimed it was.  I am a spirit filled christian who practices 1 John 4:1 in these last days of  deception abounding where in the great falling away mentioned in 2 Thess 2 is taking place.  We should not elevate supernatural experiences above the written word of God. Especially if what that ‘spirit’ says or is doing through that person is contrary to the consistent truths written in the scriptures that teach us  how to identify that which is of God from that which is not.