Lakeland, Florida w/ Todd Bentley Revival Phenomenon: Is it of God or is it of the devil?

I’m just going to post some links about this. There is enough information out on the web about this stuff…

Todd Bentley says “It’s not about Jesus” w/ audio clip article from Living in The Way blog

YouTube video of Doug Perry from Fellowship of the Martyrs
An interview with Patrick Ersig and Andrew Strom

Todd Bentley’s Diabolical Signs

Forum discussion on Todd Bentley’s online teaching titled “Heaven’s Realities”

Charisma Magazine article by J. Lee Grady

True and False Revival article by Patrick Ersig

A Pastor’s Wife Responds to:Todd Bentley-Revival in Lakeland-Email from a ‘Lakeland Resident’

Scriptural Evidence that the Revival in Lakeland, FL under Todd Bently is Not of God:

A False Healing Revival? Lakeland, FL by Andrew Strom

Bentley changes all references to “Emma the Angel of the Prophetic” 
because of the controversy of this heresy flooding the internet 
and church

Also an article about Bob Jones, Patricia King, and Todd Bentley 
targeting the youth to bring them into occult experiences in the church

Influences of Todd Bentley: Bob Jones is disciplined for 
inappropriate behavior in using his “gifts”

More of what is influencing Todd Bentley