Zeph Daniels Testimony from Satanic Mind Control and Ritual Abuse

Found the below post at http://www.dubroom.org/articles/412.htm

Zeph E Daniel was born into an elite family in Los Angeles, somewhere in the 1950’s. His family included members of the Bohemian Club. Zeph grew up around famous people, children around him were destined to become the movers and shakers in a large portion of (American) society.

However, in order to become “one of them”, become part of the system, you have to go through a certain kind of programming. Even further: you have to have a certain kind of mind-set. A mind-set that includes the practice of Satanic Rituals, which are just to bloody perverse to mention.

What happens if you are born in such a family, but you are simply unwilling to go along with the system? Even unable? 

The answer can be found by listening to Zeph E Daniel’s life story. It is the story of a survivor, who lived to tell about the very mechanisms that keep Babylon System running.

He had to face imprisonment, torture, rape, mind control, survived a coma and other attempts at his life. Until this very day, he has to deal with the fruits of the evil that was done to him.

In a very open and profound interview with the host of the “Nowhere To Run” Radio Show on the American Revere Radio Network, it becomes clear that it is quite remarkable Zeph E Daniel even lived to tell.

Babylon System works on the blood of the sufferers. No, it’s not just horny pedophiles. There’s a complete mechanism behind it, a technical reason and working method. Satanic Rituals have exactly the same reason and purpose. what happens at places like Bohemian Grove, is nothing but a “power plant” to maintain the system.

The interview is revealing, as it exposes the true nature of what many of us just know as “the elite”. The “movers and shakers” turn out to be nothing but slaves themselves, slaves to supernatural entities we know as demons, aliens, fallen angels.

Obviously, the connection with these supernatural entities include UFO’s. After all, Babylon’s ultimate goal is to create a “New World Order”: a re-enactment of the “Days of Noah” or “Atlantis”.

A must-listen for everyone who is even remotely interested in the mechanisms behind Babylon System! 

Listen to Zeph’s audio testimony here…


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    • Thank Lea…I am aware of Zeph’s questionable influences….I wrote this back in 2008 when I had first heard of him online…Since then I have seen he is immature as a christian and one of those who are trying to mix some unbiblical ideas and teachings along side of christianity…some of which I believe are occultic/demonic in it’s influence…I did however like his testimony from satanic mind control and ritual abuse which is why I posted it back in 2008…but have not posted anything since then…Thanks for concern…

  1. Zeph I would love to speak with you is there anyway to connect?

    I went through this out of the blue being married to a sociopath when I tried leaving I just wish I’d gotten out sooner. Please I need direction through this divorce I’m now being gangstalked. Soon to be ex works for mega church.

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