Stand Up for the Truth broadcast: Kabbalah, Mysticism, and Noah (the unbiblical movie)

I thought this was a very good broadcast and well worth the time to listen. The Stand Up for the Truth hosts discuss with Jacob Prasch about the problem that is going on widespread of why many believers are not going to church and how believers like the early church are gathering together in smaller gatherings plus using technology through the internet to gather together with like minded believers. Not all professing christians want to be entertained in mainline churches where they are not feed the sheep with the true word of God but with false teachings and the corrupt influences of the world. Also a discussion of an article written by a fellow christian by the name of Dr. Brian Mattson on the influences of the Kabbalah and mysticism in the Noah Movie.

Stand Up for the Truth Broadcast : Kabbalah, Mysticism and Noah the Movie


Dr. Brian Mattson’s Article

Sympathy for the Devil by Dr. Brian Mattson


Politics, Religion, Atheism, Evolution audio discussions

Last night there were 2 very good audio radio/podcast broadcasts going. I couldn’t listen to both at the same time so I listened to one and then today I listened to the other. Both are very excellent audio broadcast that I want to encourage everyone to listen to.

WARN Radio “Into the Night” 2/28/09 broadcast

Warn Radio 02-28-09- Mystery Babylon the Great, Images of America and the Deception, plus current news and world affairs pertaining to this topic, with us is Dr. Pat Holliday.

Episode 33 Babylon, Guest Pat Holliday


Political Pistachio Radio with host Doug Gibbs talking with Ray Comfort debunking Atheism, Evolution, Darwin…

Host Doug V. Gibbs on Political Pistachio Radio discussion with Ray Comfort