The Fraudulent Jesus, Preacher, Faith, and Grace of Counterfeit Christianity by Jesse Morrell

This is a good series with EXCELLENT preaching that you won’t hear on TV evangelists or from pastors sermons in most churches!  In Part 2 Jesse Morrell talks about the modern preachers of today and shows from the scriptures what makes them fraudulent preachers of counterfeit christianity that has been widely accepted my many claiming to follow the true Jesus Christ yet compromises the word of God for the love of money! In this series you have the Fraudulent Jesus of Counterfeit Christianity Pt 1, The Fraudulent Preacher of Counterfeit Christianity Pt 2, The Fraudulent Faith of Christianity Pt 3, and The Fraudulent Grace of Counterfeit Christianity Pt 4. Jesse Morrell of preaches a four part series on Counterfeit Christianity. Jesse Morrell is a full time open air missionary.


The truth about Uncle Tom

Today we often hear blacks that are liberals hurl the accusation at other blacks that are conservatives that they are an “Uncle Tom”. In their mind when they use that phrase to accuse them they mean that those black conservatives (some of the christians) “will do anything to stay in good standing with the white man including betray his own people.” But when you watch this video and hear the summary of the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” that was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe (a white woman) you will see the character and real love Tom had for his white masters as a slave.  Liberals that hurl out ‘racist’ often use this to intimidate and manipulate. The real racists are those who ONLY SEE the color of skin and cannot forgive and teach their posterity to forgive but have perpetuated hatred, arrogance, bitterness, and ultimately in some cases revenge against any white person just because they are white. White people can act in this same manner but sometimes they are falsely accused of racism just because a black person was involved (possibly murdered) without examining the character of any person to see who actually is guilty of practicing racism. I commend those who are of any race that can walk in true love and forgiveness who do not see the color of any person’s skin to prohibit them from doing what is right and taking a stand for what is good and just.

Don’t Justify Yourself While Walking in Darkness – Tim Conway

This is what it REALLY MEANS to be a true follower of Jesus Christ.

Video description : “To be walking in darkness does not just mean that you are living in scandalous sins, but it means your life is not regulated by the Word of God. Do you start out your decisions by what you want to do and then come to the Bible and say “I hope it lines up”? Yet when it doesn’t you just kind of justify it away? Rather to walk in the light is to start out with the Word of God and let it control your decisions.”

Should Christians Judge others?

This is one of the best video teachings I have heard on this subject. Please take the time to listen if you have been told by church pastors and popular ministries that we are not to judge. Some of these very same people take isolated scriptures out of their contextual settings then impose their own ideas upon that scripture as if that is ‘the gospel’ or ‘the word’…Jesus said to “JUDGE with RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT” (John 7:24)

Left Behind or Led Astray?

Joel Schimmel of Good Fight Ministries does a documentary on the Left Behind movie and the teaching of the Pre-Trib Rapture….This is the documentary trailer…

“Left Behind or Led Astray: Examining the Origins of the Secret Pre-Tribulation Rapture is a new DVD by Good Fight Ministries which examines the origins of dispensationalism.”

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Berean Call 2014 Conference

Berean Call is having a conference that is being Livestreamed for free with guest speakers like Ray Yungen and Warren Smith. It has started already this morning and will continue through August 31. Here is the link the Livestream Conference. Just click on the block with the current speaker in the list. Right now Warren Smith is speaking on “Another Jesus Calling”.


If you would like to listen to Ray Yungen who spoke this morning the link to his teaching on Livestream is here


Here is the direct link to Warren Smith’s Livestream broadcast

Good solid bible teaching by Guy Duininck

Since 1981, Guy Duininck has been following
the instruction of Jesus to, “Go Ye into All the World
and Make Disciples of All Nations.”

In 1981, Master’s Touch Ministries embraced the words of instruction Jesus gave to His disciples to, “Go ye into all the world and make disciples…Teaching.”

Since that time, Guy has traveled throughout the world helping pastors build strong local churches, teaching and training believers, teaching in Bible Schools, and helping to raise up strong and sound spiritual leaders.

Combining a strong emphasis on the importance of Scripture and sound doctrine with a recognition of the necessary work of the Holy Spirit in ministry, Guy continues to fulfill the mandate God gave him to Go into all the world and Teach.


Video teaching by Guy Duininck Watch Guy Duininck at BCF in Florida

Stand Up for the Truth broadcast: Kabbalah, Mysticism, and Noah (the unbiblical movie)

I thought this was a very good broadcast and well worth the time to listen. The Stand Up for the Truth hosts discuss with Jacob Prasch about the problem that is going on widespread of why many believers are not going to church and how believers like the early church are gathering together in smaller gatherings plus using technology through the internet to gather together with like minded believers. Not all professing christians want to be entertained in mainline churches where they are not feed the sheep with the true word of God but with false teachings and the corrupt influences of the world. Also a discussion of an article written by a fellow christian by the name of Dr. Brian Mattson on the influences of the Kabbalah and mysticism in the Noah Movie.

Stand Up for the Truth Broadcast : Kabbalah, Mysticism and Noah the Movie


Dr. Brian Mattson’s Article

Sympathy for the Devil by Dr. Brian Mattson