Morality being compromised

check out Political Pistachio’s blogtalk radio program from Sunday Nov. 23, 2008 with host Doug v. Gibbs invites Robert Peters from on how morality is dropping at the cost of our souls…

Creeping Incrementalism: Morality in Media Robert Peters joins Political Pistachio Radio Revolution

Zack and Miri make a p0rno is an “R” rated movie that was banned in Utah. Sign of the times? Have moral standards dropped to a point of creating a waning concern for youth? Political Pistachio – Conservative Commentary

Freedom is being perverted as a means to sin and expose more people to sinful acts. Hollywood is brainwashing people to its point of view on sin…treating pornography like it is a normal everyday natural thing to be accepted out in the open public…We are being forced to accept the trash the put on the movies as entertaining and acceptable for entertainment…Its sin and perversion…God tells His people to be holy for HE is Holy…believers should separate themselves from the profane things of this world and keep themselves clean before God…not support the world with our monies to continue to shove what is profane down our throats in the name of entertainment…there is no shame or fear of God….

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