House of God series by Monica Dennington

I just want to encourage everyone to check out Monica Dennington’s House of God series. It is completely free of charge to the public. The series is about the structure of God’s church His people.  Some titles from this series include

  • Women in the Church the Contradiction
  • The Law of Love
  • Should Women Teach
  • Whose the Boss? Kingdom Authority
  • Should women submit to men?
  • How to spot a wolf

These are just a few titles from the series. Monica Dennington has been taking people back to what the Word of God says about these things. She strips away the wisdom of men and this world concerning these things and points us to the wisdom of God His truth. So I just want to encourage people to take the time to watch and listen to this series if you haven’t done so already.

Here is the link to the website that was made for this series specifically