The Arrows ~ In the words of Satan (video song)

I found the website of the group The Arrows and this is what they said about this song they wrote that I thought was quite interesting…
“In the words (of Satan) : the bane of our existence!
Let’s talk about something that many people ask us about and we never really get a chance to elaborate on – our controversial slide show for In the words (of Satan). This song was by far our favourite song on the first release EP. So we had the idea to make a slide show to enhance the impact of the already thought-provoking lyrics. Hence the video was born. Yes, it does give us a lot of trouble. Many churches don’t want us to play it at some of the services that we perform in, and we totally understand as a lot of the images are graphic and are designed to cause a reaction. But nothing on the video is worse than anything that you could see on any PG movie! So hey why not? It’s real and I think that’s what people love about it. It is relevant and
we worked hard to make it that way. In terms of the song, we wanted to write something that would EXPOSE the lies that Satan weaves around families and people’s lives in the hope that if we illustrated it plainly, that people would identify themselves somewhere in it and be set free. I think somewhere along the line it has been interpreted as something that would glorify satan or magnify his work in people’s lives. We really don’t see how, if we exploit the evident lies that have been told to mankind for centuries, it would glorify Satan in any way. Instead, our hope was that people would feel God’s redemptive power, victorious over anything else. It is a controversial piece and we never expected to get so much feedback or attention for it. I guess it just goes to show, you never know what is going to strike a chord in people’s hearts.So we have left the video on Youtube and continue to take both praise and criticism with each play!”

Link to The Arrows Band website