The Hebrew Roots Movement Simply Explained

By now I am sure that many christians have heard something about the Hebrew Roots Movement. Even more is that there are some who have been involved in it to come out of it’s clutches of being under the law and departure of the grace of God. It has gained momentum in christian churches and circles because of the seduction of thinking that one must go back to their ‘Hebrew Roots’ in order to understand God and His word better. Though one might gain some insight with some of this knowledge, ultimately, one will not end up abiding in Christ but just quite the opposite. This is a link to an article that explains the  Hebrew Roots Movement very simply and to the point. If you don’t know much about it I encourage you to get familiar with it because many are being seduced by it and thereby becoming bewitched as the apostle Paul warned the church of Galatia.

The Hebrew Roots Movement



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  1. Most who speak out against “Hebrew Roots” really know very little about it. They tend to make statements how Hebrew Roots teaches heresy and that you should stay away from it. I’m not speaking for all groups that use the name “Hebrew Roots”, because there are some that preach things that are heresy. However, on the same token there are groups that call themselves “Christians” and adhere to the central teachings of Christianity, that teach heresy as well. The main focus of the majority of “Hebrew Roots” groups is that we take a fresh look at scripture and return to a 1st century understanding of the bible. The understanding that would have been taught by the apostles and the original Disciples of Jesus. If you study church history I think it is pretty plain that by the 3rd or 4th century (when Christianity became legalized by Constantine) there had been some pretty sweeping changes regarding the faith, and by the time the reformation occurred Christianity looked very different from what was originally taught by the Apostles. The Hebrew roots movement is simply trying to return to the faith once delivered by the Apostles during that first century. In doing so they realize this is best accomplished by looking at scripture through the perspective of the writers; all of whom were Hebrew. In doing this those in the Hebrew Roots movement have realized the differences in how we are to walk out our faith in Jesus. I have never met anyone in the Hebrew Roots movement that does not confess up front “you are saved by grace through faith in Jesus”. The difference is how we as followers of Christ walk out that faith. In other words, once we have come to faith in the Jewish Messiah; what next? What did the Apostles teach about how to walk out our faith? What does the modern day church teach now about how to walk out our faith? Do you see any difference between the two? If you do see a difference, what are you going to do about it? What about obedience? Obedience to what? These are but a few of the questions the Hebrew roots movement attempt to answer.

    • Sorry Tom…hebrew roots are not trying to bring christians back to the faith that was once delivered…they are about bring people back under the law…google hebrew roots heresy and you will see many websites explaining what the hebrew root movement is doing…and it is dangerous heresy…biblical christianity is about warning people to return to the the new testament teachings of Jesus and the apostles that was faith in Jesus Christ alone unto good works…good works meaning preaching the gospel and going about doing good like Jesus and the apostles did loving not their lives even unto death…No doubt about it that the modern church has departed from sound doctrine to false teachings, philosophy, vain deceit, and the traditions of men that are not after Christ. That doesn’t mean that going back to the ‘hebrew roots’ is the answer to that problem. The answer is returning to the author and finisher of our faith Jesus Christ to obedience to Him and to the sound teaching (New Testament) that was given to us by faith.

  2. I concur with “Purge”. The sites I visited, and the people that I have met, might talk about salvation in Christ but then also add all the OT and “keep Sabbath” ideas that just make it another group of people trying to live under the law.
    BTW thanks for the info Purge.

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