Emerging Church Guru Leader Brian McLaren Targets Endtime Believing Christians

This guy (Brian McLaren) has a vendetta against anything traditional and biblical within Christianity in order to bring in damnable heresies to help prepare the way for the coming Antichrist to be embraced by deceived followers…

Article can be found at Lighthouse Trails Research blog
“Brian McLaren Wants End Time Believing Christians Robustly Confronted”


2 responses

  1. You see, I do not waist my time with people who have made their decisions. Don’t cast your pearls before the pigs, least they rend you and trample you under their feet. Five had oil, and five ran out of their oil. If you waist your energy on the pigs, your oil could run out. It is like those who have taken the microchip under their skin, their souls are gone. Talking to them would be a waste of time. You know in your heart what you believe, don’t allow any one to take that from you! If you lose your soul what will you do?

    • Thank you Carolyn for your comments. I don’t consider warning people who are not aware of this man and their new christianity they are promoting as being a waste of my time. If that was the case then preaching the gospel would be a waste of time because those who are of the world could be viewed as swine that would trample us. Blogging this kind of information is like speaking to an audience as Jesus did out in the open where ever he went. Some people believed and received other didn’t believe neither did they receive. This post and other I do like it are for those who have ears to hear. This post is not for those who do not have ears to hear neither is it supposed to be to Brian McLaren himself but to those who have ears to hear.

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