IHOP (International House of Prayer) intern gives testimony of cultish behavior

Mike Bickle founder of International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO apparently is turning into a Cult. Watch Stephanie’s testimony who was an intern at IHOP.

Another blogger explains why they believe IHOP is a cult by comparing her experience at IHOP with cultish behaviors

Another testimony of a young man who gets involved to be an intern at IHOP whose father finds out it is a cult then seeks to get his son out.

So far that I have found there are 4 different people who have all given testimony to their experience at IHOP teaching false teachings and cultish behavior.  1 of theses testimonies was given in the comments below by Chad Golani (Thanks Chad for your testimony).

FYI: To those who sent me responses of this post who show their disapproval by using the whole false teachings of  ‘judge not’ to shut down any questioning of major ministries, as if they can do no evil or be led astray and leading others astray,  and the right of every believer as disciples of Jesus Christ to obey 1 John 4:1. This stifles the freedom of believers to bring into the light the corruption going on that is usually hidden from the majority to protect ‘the ministry’…Please read my post with a link by a brother who wrote about this very thing that is happening all over the body of Christ by believers that have been captivated by false teachers who use these perverted ideas on judging to condemn believers that boldly speak out concerning the hypocrisy and severe deception that is running rampant in the church. You are playing the hypocrite when you condemn such people for speaking out who do not shove it under a rug somewhere to hide it by being silent. When you make the accusation to ‘judge not’ you end up practicing the very thing you are claiming we should not do.  I will not be taking down this post for future commentors who want to shame anyone for bringing these things into the light to heard…Also please do not assume that I am a ‘non-pentecostal /charismatic just because I don’t agree with the pagan spirituality and excesses of supernatural experiences being elevated above the written word of  God. I don’t accept every supernatural manifestation through men as being from the Holy Spirit because they claimed it was.  I am a spirit filled christian who practices 1 John 4:1 in these last days of  deception abounding where in the great falling away mentioned in 2 Thess 2 is taking place.  We should not elevate supernatural experiences above the written word of God. Especially if what that ‘spirit’ says or is doing through that person is contrary to the consistent truths written in the scriptures that teach us  how to identify that which is of God from that which is not.

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  1. I think that it might be a good idea to remove this testimony from your site for a couple of reasons. The message has little support other than subjective experience, which can be readily noticed by Stephanie’s reference to her dream. If you haven’t noticed IHOP seems to teach that we should pray to receive dreams and visions for guidance, which evidently she hasn’t gotten over yet. Most non-Pentecostal/Charismatic and/or Evangelicals disregard dreams or visions as being mainly a thing of the past in the area of guidance. Reportedly, God speaks to us in His word the Bible now not dreams and visions as in the Old Covenant. Should we judge a whole movement based on an individual’s dream/s, or so called visions? That sounds extremely subjective. What about our Lord’s command to love one another (Jn. 13:34)? Stephanie’s testimony is riddled with undercurrents of bitterness, resentment and anger (Eph. 4:30-31). We are admonished to, “speak (ing) the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15), yet that seems to be missing. Psalm 1 teaches us not to sit in the seat of the scornful; nevertheless what Stephanie expresses borders on slander and a spirit of retaliation overshadows some of her testimony. Not one scriptural reference is alluded to, although we are to, “prove all things” (I Thess. 5:21). Stephanie might not be in a position to refute doctrinal error with scripture which is why many turn to apologists for help in that area. Despite, the fact that Stephanie purports to be a Berean she demonstrates no evidence of it in her testimony. I’m not too sure if Stephanie didn’t have some emotional/psychological issues present when she attended IHOP, or that they are even present to this day. Pastor and counselor Louis Accardi

    • Sorry but I don’t agree with Mike Bickel nor IHOP’s direction and some of the things they teach and the people they associate and promote in ministry…the reason I posted this is because of the person’s experience that happened to them as being an intern at IHOP. Thank you.

      • Have you ever personally talked with Mike Bickel? If not, your doing the same thing that the world media does, which is draw your conclusions from what you read, hear, and find on the internet. That is really dangerous stuff to be judged for brother! If you can’t seem to get an appointment to get to know the guy before you pass judgement, then my advise is “don’t go there”. It’s not scriptural, it’s just gossip and slander, both of which are very serious to the heart of God (especially when it’s against your brethren).

      • Thank you for your some of the recent comments to this post. I have edited this particular post with my response to anyone else who wishes to comment with the accusation of ‘judge not’. Please see the bottom of this particular post where it says ‘FYI’ for my response.

    • I am a student of the Word and I LOVE JESUS with my whole heart, but, I also found myself in the same situation as Stephanie. I have been an Ihopper for years and attended one of their affiliate prayer rooms (under the umbrella). I also had the same experience and heard the Lord say, almost identically the same thing regarding the Lord’s disappointment with what was taking place. Understand me please, this is not a criticism, it is a “testimony.” All do respect, but your compassion for Stephanie is clearly lacking and the voice of judgement and accusation about her pyschological condition is way out of line and certainly not Christ- like. If you had spent anytime at IHOP you would have learned, to their favor, they are very big on the “pathetic condition of EVERYONE’S heart” including yours Pastor and counselor Accardi. In this way, IHOP is leading well.However, there can be no denying IHOP’s use of occult meditation practices. These practices are not at all biblical and are very dangerous. In the end, I was treated the same way by leadership and so called friends. In the same way, the rebukes came, and no one listened. This is not to voice bitterness. The bible tells us to pull those out of the enemies grip, to save souls, Stephanie is speaking out as am I, to pull others out of the lie. Regarding prophecy: we who have the Holy Spirit have giftings, the gift of prophecy being one of them. The Bible tells us that we live on every word that “proceeds,” (present tense) out of the mouth of God”. This means He is “speaking.” When reading the OT we find numerous times where God is angry because His people did not “listen to his voice.” Again in Hebrews He says not to turn away “today, if you hear my voice.” Clearly, undeniably, God speaks and IS speaking. If something doesn’t line up with the Word of God of course, we toss it out. Most importantly, the gifts of the Spirit are not toys, they are sacred, Holy….they should not be treated as common. For the record, it hurts me deeply to hear all of these testimonies, there are MANY. I love Mick Bickel and the others , but I am thankful to the Lord for pulling me out. It’s the enemy distorting truth, it’s the enemy taking something beautiful and perverting it. We all must be careful, study the Word, to pray, to look only to Jesus, no one else; that we would apprehend the One who has apprehended us by His love. We all need to pray, to seek the Lord, to preach “Christ and Him crucified” and nothing else. God be with all of you who read this, pray for the Body of Christ.

    • Louis, I’m perfectly sane. Thank you. This video was actually asked of me in a particular context and I was only given a few short minutes. For a more in depth testimony you may go to: http://www.escapethelie.com/. Furthermore, my email was freely given for those with questions or concerns, which many people have used. I was and am more than willing to give full details and examples of doctrinal and other issues. The fact still remains that IHOP is a dangerous cult and it is only by God’s grace I was able to get out.

      • Thanks for commenting Stephanie…I appreciate you taking the time to do so…I am sorry for what you went through…But I know God is using your testimony for His glory…It is sad that people want to defend what is unrighteous and believe lies and practice idolizing ministers to the point they reject investigating but would rather show bias…You are a blessing and those who preach the truth have a sound mind…those who believe a lie are losing their sound mind..

      • Bless you, Stephanie. My step-son broke psychologically, physically and spiritually while acting as a leader in the local IHOP campus house of prayer at his university. It was heart breaking for our entire family. IHOP is a cult that is devouring well-intentioned Chriatians. I apaud your courage. Never stop sharing your testimony!

        Here is my testimony of what I experienced as a parent of an IHOP devotee:

        IHOP – And I don’t mean pancakes! | The Little Things

  2. I agree completely with Louis. These same kind of accusations are made all the time against lots of good ministries as well as good people of God. These issues should be kept between the two parties in conflict and with God only, not posted all over the internet in an attacking manner. A year ago I had never even heard of IHOP-kc. Since then God had laid on my and my wife’s heart to start some type of prayer/worship ministry in a warehouse we own outside of New Orleans. We knew this was from God but didn’t know exactly what kind of ministry it was going to be. We went to an old preacher friend of mine that used to run a christian coffee house in Jackson Mississippi (he and his wife are passionate believers from the Jesus Movement back in the 60’s). Once we explained this vision to them and asked for their input, they asked had we ever heard of the prayer movement? We said no, and the rest is history. The prayer movement is unquestionably a mighty move of God’s Spirit to bring His Church back to their knees. The prayer movement is happening everywhere without anyone’s knowledge or communication with others in the movement. Within every know nation and now in the smallest of villages, God is doing a mighty work, leading His Children to prayer as never before. I have never been to IHOP-kc but we watch it on livestream from the prayer room all the time. Some people call these prayer rooms “IHOP’s”, some call them “HOP’s”, some call the “Boiler Rooms”, some call them “24/7 Prayer Movement”, some call them “Healing Rooms”, and some just call them a “House of Prayer”, but it’s all the same passion, to pray/pray/pray/pray and pray. I don’t consider myself a theologian, I just love God and am grateful for His forgiveness, and this makes me want to know His heart. We have now had our prayer room open for about 5 months. I’ll say very selfishly, that it has definitely drawn me closer to God. We just pray and worship, and He shows up!! Go figure?? The normal church service in the USA today probably prays for 5 minutes out of a one hour service. We say “hi” to Him, acknowledge His presence, then hang up the phone! They called Jesus and His disciples a cult, they called the Jesus Movement in the 60’s a cult, they called the Charismatic movement of the 70’s a cult, and now their calling the prayer movement a cult, it’s Satan’s middle name, “Accuser”. I strongly believe that this prayer movement, or whatever you want to call it, will change church as we know it today. We have already seen entire churches that have decided to change their whole traditional service and put prayer at the top of the agenda (they are now calling these part of “The Praying Church”). Anyway, from an old Jesus freak that got saved on top of a tank at a nuclear power plant in 1979 with no preacher but Jesus, I don’t follow doctrines of man, denominational influences, or even movements, I just want to make sure I’m “moving to follow”. So my humble suggestion would be, that unless you know 100% in your heart (and that being from personal eye-to-eye discussions with this Mike Bickle guy because he has been personally attached here according to hearsay and gossip only) that this ministry and man are enemies of God (even the antichrist???), then I would hit the delete button on this accusation faster than you could say “Forgive me”. Brother you don’t want to be on the wrong side of what God is obviously doing on a global basis, do you? A cult wants a following and does everything it can to keep EVERYONE involved “under submission” and affiliated. Well, when we found out about the prayer movement and the whole IHOP (International House of Prayer) name, we thought that was catchy and their prayer room agenda seemed to be the very vision God had given us (and remember we never heard of it before). So I contacted IHOP-kc to see what we needed to do to affiliate our prayer room, and I got this response, “we do not affiliate with any other ministry, but we will be glad to assist and/or network in any way we can help. Call IHOP-Atlanta, they might.” So I called IHOP-Atlanta and got the same line. So I asked does anyone care if we call our prayer room “IHOP-NOLA” (International House of Prayer New Orleans LA)? They both said “no”, God made it very clear to them that this was not “their” movement or a Franchise. Cultish characteristics? I don’t think so! Brotherly love in the Spirit? I think so, passed with flying colors with the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me!

    • These are not false accusations…They are real testimonies of people who actually paid IHOP for the 6 month internship and are giving witness to the things they saw and heard and that happened to them during that time. Both Arial (The Gospel Masquerade Blog) and Christine (video testimony of IHOP) give similar testimonies of what they witnessed going on during their tenure. I don’t know how anyone could listen to both of these women’s testimonies and dismiss them as untrue. To dismiss their testimony is unwise and shows that you are being carried along with the same deception as many others who assume that it is God’s Holy Spirit leading this junk…It is all mystical and occult spirituality that is being promoted here and using the Son of God and the HS in name only to back it. 1 John 4:1 tells us NOT to believe EVERY SPIRIT but to TRY the spirits to see whether they be of God because many false prophets have gone out into the world. The 24/7 prayer movement that came about through Peter Greig is just another false mystical/occult movement using the monasticism form of prayer (contemplative prayer) that is basically a white washed version of the pagan transcendental meditation to bewitch people to the god of this world satan who is behind all these things to prepare the world and deceived ‘christians’ for the coming and acceptance of his antichrist…Lighthouse trails has written an article about this deceptive movement

      If you would have taken a look at the link from Ariel’s blog I posted (The Gospel Masquerade Blog) you would have seen that she gives testimony of a person who sought Mike Bickle concerning the things he has been teaching. Here is a quote from Ariel about that from the link I posted in the original post above.

      “Our family became friends with a Jewish couple who were in KC for a conference. They were part of an orthodox Jewish congregation in Israel and were missionaries in the US. They had some grave concerns and red flags (regarding IHOP’s theology, the model that is used with everything IHOP related, etc) that they attempted to meet with Mike and discuss. After being brushed off by Mike multiple times in his refusal to meet with him…even though they were Jewish leaders from Israel and Mike knew of them, he finally told these friends of ours that “This is how we do things here. This is just how IHOP is. It’s not for everyone.” If there was something you didn’t like or didn’t agree with, you were basically told “IHOP wasn’t for everyone so if you couldn’t handle it, maybe you shouldn’t be here.” There was no actual accountability for anything deemed wrong/un-Biblical. We were told that IHOP has its own “culture” and you must assimilate into that culture and language to really understand it. If you had a problem with something, you were told that you just had not been around long enough to understand how they did things OR that you just weren’t a good fit. These were the answers I was given when I met with internship leaders right before leaving. There was never actual admittance of wrong doing or hurting anyone who was caught in the crossfire.”

      When it comes to ministers we are to publicly speak out since their ministry is public also. These ministers don’t put themselves in positions to be talked to or even personally reached to be brought into accountability about the false things they are practicing and teaching the rest of the church into and anyone who has tried knows this. Jesus didn’t go to the pharisees privately but publicly ridiculed them. The apostle Paul when seeing the apostle Peter fall prey to hypocrisy didn’t go to Peter in private but publicly addressed him about it (Gal 2). Also Paul said to Timothy (1 Timothy 5:20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.)

      My husband got saved in the Jesus Movement and has been going through the purging of all the false spiritual things that has moved into the charismatic churches and it’s off shoots spreading to many other denominations. I am very aware of the Jesus movement and have done my research on those things. I suggest you do your research rather than just assume every supernatural or spiritual thing you or anyone else experiences is from Jesus Christ, the Father, and His Holy Spirit. They are counterfeits made to imitate and look like they are from God but they are not. There is plenty of information showing how Mike Bickle and IHOP have been off since it’s inception and the teachings that are being promoted and the false corrupted deceivers being promoted along with their books and tapes to purchase at the IHOP book store that leads to a false christ. Love is not following false teachings and practices and accepting everyone as ‘christian’ because they go to church or have a ‘ministry’. Jesus and the apostles warned us against deceivers and wolves in sheep’s clothing CONSISTENTLY throughout the scriptures. If the things that are being taught are not in agreement with the consistent teachings of the scriptures from Jesus and the apostles then it is not from God no matter how many times they use His name. Jesus told us in Matt 24:23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. 24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

      I also want to suggest reading Tricia Tillan’s (another great writer who has done extensive research) articles on the whole IHOP movement.

      • A testimony is a personal experience that is REAL. I completely agree with you. While some may have differing beliefs and different experiences, they cannot dismiss the testimony of another. A testimony may not persuade them, but it’s insulting to dismiss one’s experience. As a mother, I experienced great pain when my son associated himself with IHOP at his University. IHOP has a very strong college student recruitment effort. Unfortunately my son was taken in before we even knew what IHOP was all about. Every parent should be informed and do their research so they can have an opportunity to warn their children going off to college of the dangers associated with the 24/7 prayer rooms, contemplative prayer and fasting daily as a way of life…. You force all of this on a student, all day, everyday and it does not mix with the real rigors of college. It’s cult like activity, dangerously unbiblical and it can destroy your child’s spirit if you do not get them out.

        Here is my testimony of what I experienced as a parent of an IHOP devotee:

        IHOP – And I don’t mean pancakes! | The Little Things

    • False teaching & Biblically errant practices THAT ARE PROMOTED IN A PUBLIC FORUM (by IHOP or anyone else) are open to PUBLIC REBUKE! This is NOT an issue of “going to your brother”; THAT is contextually pertaining to one on one relationships, and has NOTHING to do with confroning a false teacher. I think, Harold Moreland, you need to revisit your Bible.

    • You really ought to take a good look at the theology, line it up with the scripture and straight on, no tweaking or half verses or out of context. Examine where all this came from, the ‘Prophetic Origins’ the newest version is for sale in the bookstore. there is a wealth of information available describing the aberrant practices and the heresies of IHOP, using IHOP’s own materials, they CANNOT be disputed. As for our testimonies, I believe none of us has anything to gain by spreading BS around, and I KNOW that I don’t. I have no axe to grind, I am still on friendly terms with many, many IHoPpers. As for keeping it private, why? This is a cult, it is proven to be so, regardless of your ‘experience’ and reasons you listed above, you can’t ignore cold hard facts, unless you are willfully going into deception and don’t care, after all you have ‘your’ vision, whether it lines up with the Word of God or not. Since this is a cult, we are scripturally and ethically bound to warn others, this we can find in scripture left and right, without any special IHOP gnostic revelation. I have my testimony and all else I know about the inner workings of NUMEROUS IHOPs that never make it to the website or the general public. Examine these facts, examine the scriptures, PRAY! But you will first need to examine your own heart. Do you want the truth? Do you want God’s will? Or, do you want what fits into your own personal kingdom vision?

      • We all need to keep telling our testimonies. They are real. Bravo for standing strong and having the courage to share your testimony.

        A testimony is a personal experience that is REAL. I completely agree with you. While some may have differing beliefs and different experiences, they cannot dismiss the testimony of another. A testimony may not persuade them, but it’s insulting to dismiss one’s experience.

        Here is my testimony of what I experienced as a parent of an IHOP devotee:

        IHOP – And I don’t mean pancakes! | The Little Things

    • I disagree completely with keeping accusations between parties. Particularly when you have one man or a group of people working so rigorously at attracting a large culmination of young people. Do some homework people – clearly many sites outline heretics, gnostic and mystic approach and outlandish teachings that are in-line with hard core brainwashing – all the while they suck up in excess of $4500 every 6 months – call it college, don’t allow any of the kids to work…keeping them all the more vulnerable. This Mike dude has a slanderous tongue – and is playing with fire as a false prophet while feeding unbiblical teachings to vulnerable young people – so yes – making his deception known is not only the right thing to do but is right in defending the true word of God. We don’t need another wack job creating the next Waco, TX – mass suicide especially with our young people. What is equally alarming is this displays a very large number of young people who are in search of something more – it makes one wonder about the home environments that these kids departed from and shame on the adults who should first and foremost be protecting their children and teaching the truth about God’s Love.

    • Read Ezekiel 3:18-19. Also read about Jesus rebuking Pharisees and Paul the Gnostics and other false teachings. Souls are on the line here. That’s why we spread the truth. Otherwise we watch people continue to run to the wolves in fear of offending people who can’t handle the truth.

  3. It is interesting to read the comments of the detractors above. Just about everything (though not ALL by far) can be accessed on the IHOP-KC and IHOP-Atlanta websites. It can all be put side by side with scripture and compared, IHOP will be found wanting. It is not a joyful thing to point these heresies out. It is not an excercise in ‘revenge’. These are not a scoffing or mocking voices calling out. I would like to leave a link showing where IHOP is headed http://www.vigilantgate.com/ . This site is operated by an IHOP Atlanta teacher on the leadership team. Most of these classes take place on the IHOP campus, some in a gym nearby. ALL of the students are IHOP staffers. But it isn’t mentioned anywhere on the IHOP website. I urge you to read the blog, especially the post entitled “Buy a Sword”. The latest post is a promo video, the background music – Mountain of Souls by ‘Becoming the Archetype’, the vocals are demonic. BTW, I was an IHOP staffer for over 3 years, I know every single person depicted in the photos and videos. No one is making this stuff up, if you are unwilling to believe first hand testimony of those who have been there, read IHOP’s own official documents.
    -Chad Golani

    • Oh wow…Thanks so much for sharing that and the information you gave concerning IHOP. Some believers that are deceived by such things have a hard time coming to the reality that what is popular is not necessarily from God so they defend their idols thinking it is the godly thing to do. But we know the scriptures say to preach the word in season and out because there will come a time when people will no longer endure sound doctrine but heap unto themselves teachers according to their own lusts having itching ears and turning away from the truth unto fables. (2 Tim 4:2-4)
      The Lord Bless you Chad for contending for the faith that was once delivered and being faithful to the tradition of this gospel that was handed down by the apostles from our Lord Jesus.

      • Thanks!
        I lived, ate, drank and just WAS with IHOP people, we really were a little community. Everything they are deceived by right now, I was deceived by. Getting out was like having soul torn out, at least it felt that way. I can’t just stand by and watch them perish. I cannot stand by either while more and more young people are pulled in. Hopefully someone’s parents will read these things before shelling out an internship fee. I have no doubts that most folks at IHOP are sincere, I was. But I can tell you this; the scripture tells us that people are falling away into deception because they have itching ears. There were red flags all the way through my years there, I ignored or avoided, even justified some them and deceived myself. I became an outspoken apologist for IHOP, in which I hope and pray I didn’t deceive others. In away that was good, because I am familiar with most every argument and the logic behind them. Ariel’s was very helpful in explaining the emotional and enviromental mechanisms used to pull me and others into it. Itching ears really did play a huge part too. IHOP is dangerous in that worked up emotions, crowd pressure and introversion are replacing a real and vibrant relationship with God. The false salvation of no repentance, false assurance gained by non-stop works, with no real heart behind them, ego stroking ‘prophetic’ words, it’s like being driven, caught up in a crowd where if you stop, you get trampled. Too many of my freinds are still there. -Chad

    • First off ALL martial arts are occult in origin, you CANNOT get around that, this is fact. I have outlined them here: https://jojahpine.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/aint-gonna-study-war-no-more/
      You can read Chad Swift’s teaching on it on his website which is linked in a post above. Secondly, you can easily pick up your bible and read what Jesus Himself has to say about it in the Gospels and read the book of Acts while your at it. If you have time after that you can read the 2nd and 3d century Church ‘Fathers’ writings on the subject. In fact throughout Church history, you will find learned men, leaning on the scripture writing about self defense. What Chad teaches is the SAME teaching as it taught in demonic Eastern temples, he just changes terms and nomenclature to make it appear Christian and endeavors to promote it as being ancient Israelite in origin. It’s ancient alright, but that’s about it. An example of his name changing would be for instance, calling ‘chi’ the ‘shalom’ etc. It is a doctrine of demons and it is un-Christlike in it’s very nature. I sincerely hope that you are not involved in martial arts nor made it an idol in your heart.

  4. This girl appears to be pretty messed up. Period. I’ve known several people who have attended the IHOPU, and you would have to be VERY messed up to get called in and told you were a danger to students. They are accepting, loving, will bend over backwards to help anyone. She may indeed believe what she wrote, but that doesn’t make it so. God forgive her! And help her!

    • OR maybe you are under a bewitching spell from the leadership of IHOPU and ASSUME that the girl would HAVE to be ‘VERY messed up’ to get called in and told she was a danger to students. It could VERY WELL be the OTHER WAY AROUND and that IHOPU leadership is VERY messed up due to agreeing with false teachings and thereby under the influence of deceiving seducing spirits rather than the Holy Spirit to restrict ANYONE who may see into the dangers going on at IHOP and IHOPU and questioning THEM and speaking out about it…the kingdom of darkness doesn’t just work through one individual in the flock to ‘attack’ the ‘leader’. Usually he works through deceiving the leaders of the church in order to spread the false teachings quicker to the majority while convincing the people if the ‘disobey’ the ‘leader’ they are in ‘rebellion to God’ with the assumption that ALL church leaders are of God without question and NONE could POSSIBLY be deceived or even a false teacher…The apostle Paul warned the entire church of galatia that they were being bewitched or had a spell over them because of being persuaded by some that were not of God to follow another gospel (Gal 3 & 5). He warned the church of Corinth of following false apostles and prophets that transform themselves into apostles of Christ but were ministers of satan (2 Cor. 11). The apostle Paul warned Timothy in 2 Tim 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. 3 FOR THE TIME WILL COME WHEN THEY WILL NOT ENDURE SOUND DOCTRINE; BUT AFTER THEIR OWN LUSTS SHALL THEY HEAP TO THEMSELVES TEACHERS, HAVING ITCHING EARS;4 AND THEY SHALL TURN AWAY THEIR EARS FROM THE TRUTH, AND SHALL BE TURNED UNTO FABLES.” The majority are either brainwashed by another gospel being persuaded that a false gospel is the true gospel because they themselves know NOT the word of God but only the traditions and words of men and are deceived by them. Romans 16:18 For they that are such SERVE NOT OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, but their own belly; AND BY GOOD WORDS AND FAIR SPEECHES DECEIVE THE HEARTS OF THE SIMPLE.” ~ Lots of times it is just 1 person or a handful of people that speak out on those who are deceiving while the majority obey the deceivers for fear of being mistreated and accused as those who will boldly speak out…This girl is not messed up as YOU suppose…Those who are controlling what YOU see are the ones that are messed up at IHOP and lying to you and will pretend to be kind until you expose the corruption in them. Then you become the enemy and they cast evil upon you so others will not listen to you. But you go ahead and listen to the lies till they drag your soul to hell in the process for following them and ASSUMING they are obeying the Lord Jesus Christ but come to present a false christ to get you to worship.

      • LOL! Yeah that is how liars and false teachers portray asking questions and not drinking the coolaid as a sin not to totally trust them…It is good to ask questions Stephanie…It is the Holy Spirit working in us to protect us…That is a good thing…Liars and deceivers want to totally remove any light from shining on their darkness…Jesus said that men loved darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil (John 3) Jesus is about us walking in the light and exposing the darkness for the sake of others who would get snared by deceivers…not protect deceivers by lying and suppressing the truth in unrighteousness to let them continue to move their corruption throughout the body of Christ…

  5. I do not like the fact that they are encouraging young people not to work. They did that in the Jesus movement and it went sour. Nothing wrong with working maybe some of these young people are called to be praying doctors, teachers, and so forth. Why would God kept people from being out in the world and working. You can staff people part-time hours and still encourage people to work and be in the world. I support prayer and worship not keeping discouraging young people from getting jobs and being part of the community. And noone has a right to tell you not to speak to your family.

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