Latest news on Obama birth certificate lawsuit

There was a federal mandate given to Obama and his lawyers to produce a vault copy of his birth certificate that has now expired…Obama never produced this document to the federal court…There was a list of admissions that was given to Obama’s lawyers from Mr. Berg  on Sept 15 with a request to produce birth certificate and citizenship documents. Obama’s lawyers didn’t respond but they and the DNC asked the court to dismiss the case. The judge issued a no ruling in the case which would have given Obama’s lawyers more time…Read more at the below link…


One response

  1. the constitutional crisis because of obamas lack of birth certificate can be placed in the hands of the fbi and cia because they did not do a complete backround check of obama. they gave him a pass on his backround. A DUI SUSPECT WOULD BE GIVEN MORE OF A BACKROUND CHECK THAN OBAMA HAD BEEN GIVEN. A LITTLE LEAGUE PLAYER NEEDS A BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO PLAY BASEBALL BUT OBAMA DOES NOT TO RUN FOR SENATE OR PRESIDENT.?????

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