Richard Taylor on Bill Johnson and those so called Prophets

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  1. Thank you for speaking about the New Apostles – for saying they are NOT apostles – where do these guys get their chops? All my life I’ve been fighting off men who claim to have some kind of right of power over me and now they have hit up the church in a whole new way— Praise God I know Jesus Christ who has given me the freedom to be in Him. I look forward to leaving the planet soon because the struggle is getting really difficult. I have to keep on learning about all the apostasy happening but sometimes I wish I did not have the gift of discernment because there seems to be so little I can do. When John wrote that the end times church would be weak and have little power, I think I know what he meant. Watching my local church gradually slide into Bill Johnson’s camp is painful – I plan to talk to the pastor but only Jesus will make any kind of dent in their armor – they don’t want to teach Bible prophecy, End Times, Etc. which would offer them a light into this darkness. Is it enough to confront them lovingly once and then leave? I used to just leave – I have left many churches over the years — as soon as I heard the lie or saw the deviation from scripture I couldn’t stay anymore. I believe that if a preacher doesn’t teach from the whole counsel of God they are opening themselves up to all manner of error — do you agree? The Holy Spirit has told me that the Last Days we are living in are like a razor — and those who do not follow Bible Prophecy will lose their way in the everyday life be it work, school, family or church. Prophecy is the sharp edge – it slices away the dross — if you don’t see IT you don’t have eyes to see anything else correctly in these times. Thanks for letting me speak out here — and thank you for telling the truth. It is all about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – and following the Word of God along the narrow path that leads to righteousness for His Names sake. Jesus said “I will come back” and I believe Him. Soon very soon.

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