New Mystics~The New Breed



– New Mystics ~ The New Breed


PATRICIA KING – New Mystics ~ The New Breed ~ (The Word Mystic means: Shaman, sage, medium spiritualist, magic, paranormal), mystical presence of their god.

Ps 82:1

“God standeth in the assembly of God.” God is among his people; and he presides especially in those courts of justice which himself has established. The Court of King’s Bench is properly the place where the king presides, and where he is supposed to be always present.

Beware what you do! God is in his court, and in the midst (of the assembly) God will judge!


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    I got this in my email today
    This is from Wendy Alec—-she and her husband started GodTV and broadcasted the Lakeland “revival” all over the world……… I thought of Ted Haggard as I read parts of this.

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Journal of the Unknown Prophet
    Date: August 22, 2008 2:51:57 AM MDT
    Subject: [Journal of the Unknown Prophet] Last Days’s Assignments Against the Elect (from the Journal of the Unknown Prophet)

    Journal of the Unknown Prophet
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    Last Days’s Assignments Against the Elect (from the Journal of the Unknown Prophet)
    Wendy Alec
    Aug 22, 2008

    “My children perish.” Jesus’ voice was soft—so soft that it was barely audible. And then He turned to me, His beautiful countenance ravaged with grief. And as He looked at me, His expression became fierce with an anger that almost became terrible with the heat of His emotion—but all at once somehow I knew that none of His hot anger was directed toward His children.

    Oh, yes, as He looked upon His household, He saw many stumbling and faltering in the fierce onslaughts, and He grieved terribly for us. But no, His anger burned hot against the hosts of hell and satanic princes that He saw lined up in the spiritual realm, meticulously rehearsed in their strategies and their wiles.
    But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, he is taken away in and for his perversity and iniquity, but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand. So you, son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear the word at My mouth and give them warning from Me. When I say, O wicked man, you shall surely die, and you do not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his perversity and iniquity, but his blood will I require at your hand.
    Ezekiel 33:6–8, amp


    And suddenly it was as though a heavy, heavenly veil was drawn back in the Spirit realm, and I saw the satanic princes in their battle dress standing in their chariots, directing the great mass of hellish battalions and powers and principalities—and they were standing as a great and seemingly fearsome mass in a line that stretched to eternity, waiting. And then a great shofar was sounded, and the fallen satanic princes and generals took their places in front of the battalions, as the great rumbling of Satan’s chariots thundered. And all as one, they bowed their heads—as the prince of darkness made his entrance.
    And as he stood there—all terrible in his damnable arrogance and rebellion—he lifted his sword high to the heavenlies, and again, as one man, I saw the princes and their battalions follow suit, and I heard Lucifer’s spine-chilling cry: “It is TIME!” And the hordes of hell resounded with a great and terrible cry: “It is TIME.” And as Lucifer turned to his fallen princes, I could hear his malicious hiss: “IT IS TIME TO TARGET THE CHAMPIONS.”
    And immediately it was as though I was back under the trees on the beautiful English lawn in front of the manor house where Jesus was standing—His countenance filled with such beauty, such grace—but His eyes seemed filled with a deep and unstoppable pain. He reached out His hand to me: “It has begun,” He said.
    I could hardly decipher His words, such was His anguish that it was as though He was choking with grief: “My children are falling. It has begun.”
    And still I could hardly make out His words for the great emotion that came from Him, and the tears could not keep from falling down His cheeks as He came toward me: “The targeting of the champions—My Father’s champions here on Earth. The hosts of hell have been assigned for the past decades waiting for this hellish moment in the spirit realm, listening for the release of My End-Time move from Heaven. They have heard the mighty rush of My holy angels, and so in turn they have unleashed the most violent satanic assault that Earth has yet seen since the days of My birth when Satan’s wrath was unleashed through Herod against the babes in arms in a huge murderous onslaught.”
    I stared at Him transfixed. And again a terrible grieving filled His countenance. “My children, My generals, My leaders, My priests…”
    His voice was barely audible. I could almost feel His agony, for indeed as He thought of you and me, He was suffering for us. “The champions of My Father’s household think they are prepared. Some do not fear the enemy…” He hesitated. “And that is good and right, but they also do not fear the Father. They rely on their own strength, on their own integrity, on their own valor.” He looked unwaveringly into my eyes.
    “It is hard for My Father to reach these, for they are blinded by their own deceptions and will easily be overcome by the battalions you just glimpsed. For many will succumb to the snare of the great deceiver of their souls—pride. But My grieving at this moment is not for them.
    “My Father loves His children.” He looked at me. “You cannot yet understand with what tremendous passion and compassion the Father holds for His redeemed ones. They are His greatest treasures in the universe. He delights in His children. He longs for their fellowship—for their communion with Him. The Father does not base His love for His household on their gifting or talent or on those who in the world’s eyes have so much to offer. But He has delighted to choose the foolish things of the Earth, for in His great and unfathomable wisdom He knew that those who realize that they are the most undeserving will be those who have fully embraced the fact that without His love they are completely unqualified.
    “The Father knows that these are the ones who will lean their minds and hearts unquestionably on His Being—those who limp with the scars of his chastening and of their own inadequacy—those who know that within themselves there is no good thing except their hope in Him. These are His champions—and My daughter—these are the prime targets for the onslaught of the enemy that you have just seen.”


    “Many of those that the Father views as His greatest generals and champions have been assailed violently by assignments of the enemy. Each assignment is an assignment of seduction planned by Satan himself. The seducing powers and principalities have but one aim—to seduce My household away from Me and My Father.
    “I am not talking about the new believers. I am not talking about the immature or even the young men. I am talking about My leaders, My generals, My priests, those who are well versed in Me. Those who have seen terrible battles, those who have fought with Me in the dark places of the Earth, those who have led thousands upon thousands to Me across the nations, those who have built great churches, those who have brought in generational moves. I am talking about the apostles, the prophets, the pastors, the teachers, the evangelists. And I tell you, My daughter—a great and terrible coldness has been unleashed—a coldness of heart that will imbue and infect even some of My champions’ spirits.
    “And so brother shall rise up against brother, minister against minister, sons against fathers, husbands against wives, and the great falling away shall begin, but it shall begin in My own household.” He was quiet. “And it shall start with those who have been closest to Us.”
    A great and terrible chill went through my body. “Jesus,” I whispered. “How can we survive such an onslaught?”
    “The major End-Time assaults are divided into several camps. They are all ruthless strategies of Jezebel, the ultimate seducer and the releaser of the End-Time seducing spirits. The first major seduction of My children will be in the area of morality—the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes, but seduction is not just confined to My children’s morality. Satan’s primary goal is to seduce My children away from the Father.
    “One of Satan’s most lethal weapons against My ministers is another of Jezebel’s strongholds—the pride of life, pride and self-righteousness. Jezebel’s third great onslaught will be in the area of discouragement. This is the same weapon used against My servant Elijah, and indeed, many of My servants throughout the ages. Great discouragement, in turn, leading to strong delusion and finally, that of the great blinding.”

    “The great blinding is a blinding of My children’s hearts and of their minds that has caused them to dwell in and to live for all that which is the temporal—instead of that which is eternal.
    “The world has been caught up in the great blinding to such a degree that they cannot see beyond that which they can see and touch and sense. The spirit of the world has them in its grasp, and the love of the Father is not in them. I have grieved as I have watched My saints fall prey to this same spirit. As the spirit of the world has entangled them, their minds and hearts have become blinded with the deceptions of all that is temporal. They have started to live and to desire that which brings the reward and the praise of man in the kingdom of Earth.
    “But My Kingdom is not of this world, My child. And how I grieve, for few there are today that truly know and understand this saying. For the ways of My Kingdom are foolish to the temporal world, and so it is that in this last age many of My servants have been seduced by the spirit of the world and have suffered a great and terrible blinding. For they live more—Oh far more for what is counted and recorded in the books of man and of Earth than for that which is recorded in the books of Heaven. And that which is recorded and that counts for so much on Earth counts often for so little in My courts. For so many of My children still live for the praises and accolades and the rewards of men.
    “So many of My ministers still live for that which Heaven counts as hay and as wood and what shall be burnt up in an instant as stubble when they stand before My judgment seat.
    “And so I grieve with a great grieving—for My children spend their resources and the resources of My Kingdom on that which is seen and that lasts but for a moment—but eternity is built on the unseen and on the souls of men and of women. For they have been blinded with a great and terrible blinding—a blinding by the spirit of the world—but the world will perish and will pass away, but he who does the will and the purposes of My Father shall live forever.”

    “I have watched as some of My children have fallen morally. But My anger has been stirred as I have seen some of My ministers—those of My own household—turn, and in their closets, pat themselves on the back and say like the Pharisees: ‘Thank You, Lord, I am not like they. I am glad I am not as they, for they are weak, and surely I am strong and would never do such a thing that would make My Master ashamed.’ And I tell you, My child,” and He was greatly pained, “I tell you that I have seen My children—these My ministers—sit in their homes and at their church banquets, gossiping about these fallen ones. I have seen them expose their sin, expose their nakedness and say: ‘This is a terrible damage to the Gospel’—as if in shock and as in horror—but these have themselves fallen victim to the pride of life. And I am grieved with a great grieving.
    “For indeed pride says, ‘It is by my own hand and by my own sufficiency that I keep the law.’ And self-righteousness despises the weaker and encourages itself in its own strength to keep. But I tell you that in these coming days, all that is not rooted in dependence upon Me and My Father and upon My grace shall fall. And even as Satan fell, so I grieve for some of My called-out ones. For they lean on their own understanding, they lean on their own integrity, they lean on their own morality, they lean on their own proficiency and they pride themselves that they are not weak like other men. But I tell you that even as Satan fell from beholding himself as greater, so many of these, My elect, shall fall from beholding themselves instead of beholding Me.
    “And so when pride takes root in some of My servants, with it shall come a deadly self-righteousness and a critical, denigrating spirit as they compare themselves to others, and they shall see the faults and the failings and the specks in their companions’ and their colleagues’ and their leaders’ eyes, and yet they shall completely ignore the beam in their own. And the terrible coldness talked about in My Word shall grip their hearts, and they shall not even realize that they have fallen away, for they shall be so sure of themselves and their boasting in Me.

    You hypocrite, first get the beam of timber out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the tiny particle out of your brother’s eye.
    Matthew 7:5, amp
    “Tell My ministers to check their hearts, lest Satan seduce them away from their childlike trust and dependence on Me.”

    “Even in the generation that preceded this present Church Age, some of My greatest servants succumbed to discouragement, and this led in turn to strong delusion. The enemy will do his utmost at this time to discourage and impede and roadblock My purposes and My plans. And to those whose limbs grow too weary, whose hearts grow faint with weariness, he will start to cloud their vision.” Jesus’ tone was urgent.
    “And visions that were birthed in power and in clarity and in the vigor of the Holy Spirit will seem to become clouded. Legions of satanic voices have been unleashed, and the voice of the enemy will whisper doubt and confusion and unbelief to the weary soul. If seriously entertained, these satanic whisperings shall gain a foothold in the hearts and minds of some of My servants, and they shall think to themselves: I have sowed and there is no reaping. There is no harvest. I have labored for nought, for the fruit is so little.
    “So know, My child, to warn My servants that when they hear these voices, to immediately discard them, not even to entertain such a train of thought, for it is a train of thought carefully strategized by the legions of the damned with intent to discourage and to delude even the elect. For these voices will question My faithfulness. These voices will question My Word. These voices have one intent, to seduce My children away from My Father.
    “When Elijah ran from Jezebel in the wilderness, he had just slain all the prophets of Baal with the sword. He had seen My mighty hand of deliverance. But on receiving Jezebel’s message, he ran for his life. And in these times, many of My servants who are mightily called and anointed by Me for the work in My End-Time moves have received a message from this same spirit of Jezebel that was at work against My prophet Elijah. And that message is the same today as it was then: ‘So let the gods do to me, and more also if I make not your life as the life of one of them by tomorrow.’
    “And so My servants who have become weary of the battle and of standing against the darkness and warring in the high places of the Earth have become afraid and arisen and have run for their lives and cried out to Me as Elijah did: ‘It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life.’”
    Jesus sighed, but His sigh was not of exasperation, but filled with a deep concern and compassion
    “My Father and I have heard the cry of Our servants. My body has not understood the depth of discouragement which has gripped their souls.” He hesitated.
    “I have watched from Heaven as some of My servants became weary in well-doing, and because of the tremendous opposition and discouragements of the soul, they fell to discouragement, pride and eventually to strong delusions.”
    I could feel the Lord’s hurt. “I have loved these men. They loved Me for many, many years with a pure heart, but they fell into Jezebel’s snare and were deceived.
    “Many of My servants today face the same pitfalls. Many have served Us day by day in the hidden places of service, unseen by man but known of Me. Many of them have poured out their lives and their substance for the sake of the Gospel and for My Kingdom, but they have seen little fruit. Some have done mighty exploits, some have faithfully served day by day. But many, so many, have become weary and are ready to faint.
    “For Jezebel has sent her message to them saying: ‘I will make your life as one of them (slain by the sword tomorrow).’ And so the Father of Lies has sown seeds of deception in My servants’ souls—questioning their faithfulness, questioning My protection—that My servants have began to doubt My very hand upon their lives. And they have become depressed and dismayed and lost their purpose that once was so clear, and like Elijah, they cry out: ‘And I only, I am left, and the enemy seeks my life to take it away.’
    “Many of these ones in the past years have given themselves to activity rather than to intimate fellowship with Me. It is essential that in this season that they take time out and draw aside to Me in intimacy in My presence so that they can find refreshing.
    “This assignment is far more deadly to those who are called to do as Martha than those who sit like Mary. Many of these have great administrative gifts; they are ably equipped to do, they are equipped to run ministries, equipped to run churches, equipped to run businesses. Others have become so caught up in the activity of ministering to others that they have been caught up in the activity of serving and have lost intimacy with Me and have become depleted.
    “The more intensely discouraged that My servants become, the more they have leaned on natural, carnal methods to change their circumstance and have become spiritually depleted. This discouragement in turn has kept them away from My face and My presence where they would find My supernatural encouragement, strength, fortitude and divine strategy to unlock their circumstances.
    “Tell them they must draw unto Me. I am their lifegiver. I am their encourager. I am their anchor. I am their sustenance. That I would allure these My children to Myself and gently, as My angel spoke to Elijah, say: Child, arise and eat. Draw aside and replenish yourself. Guard your minds and hearts from the father of all lies and deceiver of your souls.”
    The woman was robed in purple and scarlet and bedecked with gold, precious stones, and pearls, [and she was] holding in her hand a golden cup full of the accursed offenses and the filth of her lewdness and vice. And on her forehead there was inscribed a name of mystery [with a secret symbolic meaning]: Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes (idolatresses) and of the filth and atrocities and abominations of the earth. I also saw that the woman was drunk, [drunk] with the blood of the saints (God’s people) and the blood of the martyrs [who witnessed] for Jesus. And when I saw her, I was utterly amazed and wondered greatly.
    Revelation 17:4–6, amp

    “This assignment is more easily discerned but far more lethal in its outward consequences, for it devours its prey. The intense seduction lures My children into the enticement of sin but eventually leaves them stripped of their ministry, calling, reputation and sometimes even their relationship with Myself and the Father and their eternal salvation.” He sighed deeply.
    “The Father knows that these very ones were drawn to Him because they knew the very weakness of their own souls—like the woman whose story I promised would be told eternally.”
    I spoke. “The woman who washed your feet?”
    Jesus smiled tenderly. “Those who have been forgiven much love much. In this last generation many came to Us from the greatest ensnarements and bondages. Once they saw Our great love for them, they became Our greatest champions and bondservants, for their gratitude for receiving such a redemption was unfathomable.
    “These are the ones who have become close and tender with Me—who would follow Me unto death.”
    “But if they would follow you unto death, Lord Jesus—and they hear your voice—then how could they fall to seducing spirits?” I asked, that chill gripping me again, sensing the answer.
    “Every weakness that these ones experienced in their lives…” His expression was so grave, “…every fissure, each wound, each broken place that lies unhealed—these satanic powers and principalities and demons shall now target.
    “Many, many of My children did not receive healing of their minds, emotions and souls in this last generation. And because they have lived in the household of God for years, many do not even realize that these scarred places exist.
    “These last days’ assignments have been meticulously strategized, and that is the very strength of their evil—they have been tailor-made to each of My champions. They know the urgent, driving, unmet needs of the soul: the generational bondages of each individual called by Me to impact this generation; the lack of nurturing; the deep unhealed rejections and hurts of the emotions; the fatherlessness; the need for affirmation; the desire to belong; the deep isolations—all of which when not met in Me—now have laid the perfect snare for the assignments of the enemy.
    “Some of My champions have experienced a violent, satanic assailing against their minds. Any thought not taken captive shall be a thought that can take violent root in their soul to lead to ensnarement. Anything from their past that has been dealt with by their own strength and not by My Spirit shall become a snare to them and can leave them vulnerable to the enemy of their souls. Any habit not ruthlessly dealt with and put to the cross, when assigned with the searing heat of temptation, will breed and rapidly multiply.”
    Jesus continued, “In this past age Jezebel has translated itself into many different forms, but one of her primary rules in this present age is her amalgamation with Babylon, the spirit of the world and lust. Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Jezebel rules electronic media—film, television, advertising—she is the epitome of seduction in this last age. She was Delilah, Salome, Herodias. She rules pornography, adultery, lasciviousness, homosexuality, pride, power, separation, divorce, ambition and every perversion and sin of the flesh known to mankind. She tantalizes, packages sin, sells it and then debases and exposes her victims before killing. Her primary targets in this last Church Age are My ministers, both men and women.”
    I felt the icy chill once more. Well I knew the depth of hatred Jezebel holds for God’s bondservants.
    “Multitudes of My ministers today struggle with pornography. Multitudes of My ministers struggle now with lust on a daily basis. Multitudes are struggling against a terrible coldness of heart within their marriages and families.
    “Many came out of a deeply sinful lifestyle or out of deep-rooted rejections, and as was the way in this past generation, far too many of My children were not discipled effectively and did not receive effective healing in the areas that propelled them into that habitual sin. Also, especially among My leaders in this past generation, My Church has been so embroiled in self-righteousness that if one of My children has cried for help in an area of failure, many times they have been ostracized, isolated and had their confidence betrayed. This has led to My ministers leading double lives, having a public face for their congregations whilst crying out to Me in their bedchambers because they hate what they have become. Yet they know that many will deal treacherously with them if they admit their need for help. Jezebel knows this full well, and it is one of her most effective strategies. For once the champion is isolated from real help, the seducing spirits are unleashed, and time after time, My child falls into adultery, fornication, homosexuality, pornography, separation and divorce. And how I and My Father grieve. For well Lucifer knows that it is often those who love us and who have hungered for Our presence who have often been the most damaged in their past—and now Satan targets the damaged places. Warn them. Warn them to guard against the great deceiver of their souls. For as Satan came to Me in the wilderness, he intends to do now to those who follow Me, who lead others—to tempt—to lure—for in this most violent of testings, even My most elect shall fall.”
    He hesitated, and a great pain seemed to cloud His countenance. And I sensed that He was thinking about one whom I knew that He loved greatly who had been caught even that month in a prevailing sin. And I thought of the ones in this past year who had fallen in ways that were still politically acceptable to us in the household of God—but my thoughts were not with those‚ but rather with those, so many of late, who had fallen morally—not acceptable—and who had lost or taken time out from their ministries.
    And as I looked into Jesus’ eyes, I knew that these were the ones He grieved for. For well He knew how they loved Him. In fact, some loved Him more, much more than any others. And well He knew how they must have wrestled in the still, quiet hours of the early morning against sin. But because the assignments of hell had been so meticulously crafted and because Lucifer knew so well that the politics of the Church so often ensured isolation and silence in struggling with sin, one by one they had fallen to the brokenness and fissures in their own souls.
    And as He looked at me, I felt that suddenly I knew how He had looked upon that rich young man. And so I prayed for all of us who had been targeted by the enemy, to be assailed in this last End Time, that even in the tumult and the fierce heat of the testings and trials and temptations, we would draw on His strength that would take us through the eye of the needle to that last lap of the narrow way that we may be counted as conquerors.
    “Lord Jesus, how can we stand?” I whispered.
    “There is only one way to survive the onslaught, My child.” His voice was so soft. “Firstly, to repent of any and of all lukewarmness and backsliding in your heart and to reignite and maintain zealously your first love for Me. Secondly, to keep yourself from all idols and remain fervent in the Spirit, which is the result of true fellowship in Spirit and in truth with Myself and the Father and of feeding on My Word until My Words are Spirit and Life to you.” He hesitated, “And finally, the cross. The deception in every temptation is that which caused Adam to lead billions of souls into sin—that of selfishness. Temptation promises that which self desires. When My children desire the promises of sin more than they desire Me—they will fall.
    “The greatest weapon to survive the onslaught is for My children to take up their cross and to follow Me. To take up the cross daily and to die to everything in their souls and their mind that opposes My truth. To let go of that lower life that is the flesh and continually mortify their minds and bodies and to put to death the deeds of the flesh. My children have forgotten the power of the cross. They have thought that to die once is sufficient, but the spirit of the world, with its carnality and selfishness, loosed upon this present generation is so strong in these evil days—that it is only in a continual, daily crucifying of their flesh that they will indeed be able to withstand temptation.
    “Remember it is written, ‘For we do not have a High Priest Who is unable to understand and sympathize and have a shared feeling with our weaknesses and infirmities and liability to the assaults of temptation, but One Who has been tempted in every respect as we are, yet without sinning.’

    Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace…that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need, [appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it].
    Hebrews 4:16, amp
    “Even when you feel you are falling into the very pit of hell itself, even when it seems as if you are clinging to Me and to My Father and to My Word and its principles by a thread—when you feel that hell is sucking you in—it is then that you must cry out to Me. Cry out to My Father. Cry out Our name, and in that very second, We will come to you and rescue you. We will draw you in and protect you from every wile of the Evil One.
    “I said I will never forsake you, and this is true. Even when you are in the heat of temptation—still if you cry out to Me—I will hear you.
    “Speak My Word, and I, the Living Word, will come to your aid and accomplish that which I have promised.
    “Now, warn My children. My Father’s heart is grieved with a terrible grieving. Warn My beloved—that many would be saved out of the fowler’s snare—that even those in the deepest mire might cry out to Me and find their way home.
    “Beloved children”—Jesus’ voice was so tender, and somehow I knew that He was speaking to all who had been ensnared who eventually would read these words—“there is forgiveness, beloved. There is deliverance. There is restoration.” And then He turned and smiled—the smile of heaven that seemed to light up the whole world in its wake. “THERE IS HOPE.”

    Prophetic Word Received 2004
    And now it is to the East Coast of America that I would speak. Cry out, cry out to the East Coast, says the Spirit of the Living God. For there are those that would wage violent warfare against you. For surely you have been marked with a mark by the powers and satanic princes of the age. Surely even your destruction and your devastation was planned in the regions of the damned, to come forth in this age and in this hour.
    But this day I declare to you, that even as the East Coast has been targeted in this day and in this forthcoming hour by the powers and princes of the regions of darkness—so too I declare to you, America, that in this coming day and in this coming hour you shall surely see the strong right arm of the Living God rise in the east—that, so too, the East Coast has been marked with a divine marking from the realms of Heaven itself.
    For as surely as centuries back, even as the first pilgrims landed on the East Coast of America—it was by My hand, says the Lord, and it was by My design, says the Lord—it was by My hand and it was sovereignly ordained by My Spirit. And well the enemy knew, and so as he watched My plan unfold through the centuries, he rose up with an unbridled rage to destroy My plan. And I tell you now that even as Satan has marked you with a marking for evil and destruction, so I, the Lord God of Israel, have marked you with a sovereign marking for revival.
    For in these next years and in this next hour, I tell you that the East Coast shall start to burn with the fire of My Spirit. For the prayers of My saints and the supplications of My sent ones have not been in vain, says the Lord. And even as there has been a constraining and a barrenness in the spirit in this territory, a mighty roar will come forth from the east that will ignite a flame of raging revival fire across America that will set ablaze even California, says the Lord.
    And ha! Yes, there have been scoffers who say, “How can anything good of God be birthed out of the East Coast?” But I say to you this day that My Spirit is drawn like a magnet to the divine marking on this place, that the cries of the saints are not unheeded by me. And as My people who are called by My name yet humble themselves and cry out to Me, the enemy’s plans shall be reversed. The enemy’s plans shall be confined and restricted, and the great disaster that the destroyer has planned for the east shall be stopped in its track, says the Lord.
    For I tell you that a fire of My Holy Spirit has yet to be ignited in New England, in New York, in Washington DC—even in Philadelphia—says the Lord. For where My people have sought My face and called upon My name, surely I am the God who answers by fire. And I tell you that in this next day and in this coming hour that the east shall be set on fire with such a flame that its blazing shall not be quenched. And the Carolinas shall blaze forth with revival fire even as tinder wood that has been struck with a match. And Florida, says the Lord, yes, Florida—visitation, visitation, a mighty visitation of My Spirit shall burn through religion. It shall burn through the status quo, and the nation shall stop and stare in awe at what I have done—that even those who have watered and prayed and stood in the gap in the cities of the east, even to the northern territories, and even to Detroit, says the Lord. Detroit, where you have seen darkness shall come a great light in your midst. Even across to the reaches of Maine and through Canada you shall yet see this day, says the Lord. No longer shall they say that every vision tarries, but every vision shall be fulfilled.

    Prophetic Word Received 2006
    For the Lord would say—America—beloved America—you stand on the brink of a new season in Me. For I have heard the cries of those that hunger—of those that have fallen on their faces before Me seeking imploring Me for a move of My presence. For an outpouring of My person and of My presence across the shores of America—and I tell you this day—that this hour dawns upon your shores—that the wind of My presence is stirring—that those who have longed to see this day shall yet see this move in their generation. For where sin abounds—surely My grace abounds more abundantly. And because of the prayers of My saints in this nation, says the Lord God of Hosts, because of the fervent prayers and the supplications of a remnant in this nation, so My hand shall move across the United States of America for the great outpouring of My Holy Spirit that has yet to fall.
    And so beloved I tell you that My presence shall fall from East to West from North to South—and Canada—yes surely Canada shall be a part of this revival says the Lord of Hosts. And yes—I have heard the cries of My people—I have seen the repentance of the hearts of those of My people who have not let Me go day or night—and so I tell you this day that the prayers of the intercessors of this nation—the declarations of the prophets of this nation—have rent the heavens and have risen up before My throne like a sweet incense—an incense that burns fervently before My throne both day and night.
    And so My children I am coming to this nation—oh My children I come quickly to this nation.
    And now I would address the apostles—Rise Rise Rise up in the nation of America—Apostles. For surely the intercessions and the supplications of the saints have prepared the way for your feet to march and for your hands to build—and the prophets—the voices of My prophets have rent the heavens and now apostles it is time for you to rise and build—to break open the gates of brass and the doors of iron. For in this time and in this season—oh yes—a new anointing shall fall upon My apostles in this hour in America—and the gates that were brass shall open and the doors that were iron shall swing forth.
    Oh yes and some would say but we have seen the new move. Oh no, no says the Lord—there is coming a new day and yet a new hour that has not been seen yet upon the earth.
    And now I call you evangelists—for such a time you have been birthed for in America—and yes there have been those who have plowed the fields that are white unto harvest—white unto harvest—but there is a new breed of evangelist that rises upon your shores America—and it is you to whom I call forth. For surely although you have seen harvest—the harvest you have reaped has been but a glimmer of what I have birthed in your spirit—but I tell you that even in a moment it shall be—even in a moment—that My breath shall blow and like a whirlwind—a different season and a different dispensation shall fall—and I shall raise up My prophetic evangelists and as they declare—and as they bring forth—so I tell you that My consuming fire shall fall—and there shall be a holy fear—a holy dread of Me that shall sweep this nation—America.
    And thousands times thousands times thousands shall fall to their knees in repentance as My consuming fire starts to sweep across halls across arenas across stadiums. For America stands on the outskirts of revival—but make no mistake for it is nothing that has gone before—but it is everything that the generals of old saw in the spirit realm and longed to see in their day—and so I shall raise up a mighty generation.
    And many many, many, yes many of them shall be the youth of this nation. For I tell you—there is coming a fire—the consuming fire of My presence that will roar across the YOUTH of the nation of America and consume the lukewarmness and the dross and the things of the world shall be consumed in its wake and a great move of repentance shall fall across the youth of this nation.
    The YOUTH, says the Lord—the YOUTH of AMERICA
    And as the tears of repentance fall and as the youth of this nation fall prostrate on their face—so My mighty Generals and Apostles shall join across America in a great and fearsome army of the Lord.
    And it shall be a new sound—and it shall be a new wind from Heaven—the wind shall roar through the highways and byways of America—it is the sound of marching—marching—to the step and the sound of the Lord of Hosts—and the sleeping church shall awaken.
    And Prophets—my Prophets—I call you—rise up in this day and in this hour and cry out cry out to America—for the time to demolish the religious strongholds that have bound My people so tightly in their fetters. It is the season and the hour for the bonds of brass to be broken for the shackles of iron to be shattered by the declarations of My prophets. For My church has been in a slumber—for My church has been in a stupor—but this is coming my season for America.
    And there will be food for the hungry, says the Lord—there will be food for the hungry in spirit—there will be sustenance and nourishment—and the eagles that lie weak and dying—many, many, many of those who should be strongest in this hour have fallen from the skies through lack of sustenance and I am moved with compassion for My eagles in this hour—and I am moved with compassion upon the young eagles of this nation who are starving—and so I will feed America with that that is straight from My hand—with a word from Heaven—with sustenance that will sustain them through the coming days.
    For I tell you America—that the times and the seasons are changing—and a time of persecution dawns—a time when agendas will rise to the surface. For there comes a shift ahead—a shift in the political arenas in the years ahead—and a great sifting of believers in America will take place—but out of this sifting My remnant shall rise—pure and true—with a clear voice—and a clarion call—but the cost is dear—for the cost is everything.
    For I tell you that the time will come in America when it is no longer politically correct to be called “Christian” and many, many, many of My children shall fall away in that day and that hour—but for all who are founded on the rock—for all who hear and hearken to the voice of My Spirit—they shall know that in that day and in that hour—I shall come with My mighty right hand to save them that the great times of persecution have begun—and that I am coming soon.
    For I am calling for relationship not lipservice. I am calling My church in America higher, higher, higher—higher into a relationship with My person and My presence. I am calling My church America out from the religious bondage and trappings of her past—and I will use My remnant to cry out—and the church shall turn—and the sleeping church shall rise from its slumber in the times of persecution ahead.
    And I shall light a TORCH—a TORCH—a literal TORCH of the fire of My saints of America—a torch that shall set ablaze the world—for it is time to look OUT America—beyond your cities beyond your towns. Look out. Look OUT America—for the nations have need of you. Rise up from the bondage of complacency. For the East cries out to you—and the North travails—and the South calls to you in the spirit—and so My fire shall fall—and from the east Coast to the West and from the West across the seas it shall go—and from the North it shall rise North, North even to Russia—it shall burn—and to the South—the South a flame of fire shall rise.
    And the Bible belt that has kept My word—and has revered My name. I shall do a NEW THING IN THE BIBLE BELT. For there is yet a new move that shall spring forth—for children—your present sustenance cannot sustain you in the days ahead, says the Lord. And I will break the bounds of your establishment—and I shall come towards you in this day yet in a new form—and yes many, many, many in the new day shall not recognize Me. They shall say, “Oh this is not God.” But I shall pour out such a spirit of hunger of hunger of hunger upon you—that your desperation for Me shall overcome your religious expectation—oh yes—and a new breath of My Spirit shall wash over you—and fresh and living waters shall flow upon you—and you shall drink of My presence and you shall drink of My fire and the yes of your spirit shall be opened—and I tell you that like a tree set ablaze so the Bible belt shall come into a new realm and a new fresh move in Me—and shall be fed—and shall join with the great and mighty dread army of the Lord as she rises across America—America America—Beloved America.
    And then the Judgement will FALL. But My church shall BLAZE with My glory.
    The throne room was huge, so huge that it seemed infinite. And as the music of heaven played, hundreds of millions of people gathered. The people never stopped coming—incessant and infinite, radiant with joy, clothed in white garments. They had followed the Lamb faithfully throughout their time on earth, through the fire and the furnace and yet stayed their course, and now the old order was passed away, and behold, the new was come.

    Prophetic Word Received 2004
    The throne room was filled with those from every tribe and every tongue, with those who had laid down their lives and taken up their cross and followed Him. Those who had served Him when even they were bare and dry and had clung on by faith to their great hope of His glorious appearing.
    And now as one they waited in this huge amphitheatre-like throne room, waiting for the Glorious One, the Lamb of God whom they had served all their lives, whom they had seen by the eyes of their spirit, whom they had glimpsed often so fleetingly only through a glass darkly.
    Fraught with their own humanities and failings, with their own personal set of weaknesses and hindrances that so easily beset them—but here none of this counted, O beautiful child of God, for here it was as all things new. For here there was no weeping or crying, for the old order of things had passed away and all things had become new. And they waited—as one and yes, as millions, they waited.
    Even as one would wait for the entrance of the most powerful and esteemed regent on Earth, so they waited. And it was unimaginable and indescribable the moment when the Great King of Heaven began His walk up the great nave of Heaven’s throne room.
    And so they all stood still like stone on either side of the nave that seemed to stretch to infinity—in marvel and in awe and in complete wonder—that they had made it in, that everything that they had lived for on Earth that they had believed to be by the eyes of their spirit, was now before them in total reality.
    And as the Great King of Heaven walked, so slowly, in such majesty and glory, His face and His attention were totally riveted on the One who sat beyond…far beyond…who dwelt in flaming iridescent light beyond the nave, at the top of the throne room.
    And yet, as the King passed by, it was as though each one of these who had spent their years on earth serving Him faithfully had His personal, complete, adoring attention. And He would stop, and I saw Him turn and look deeply, oh, so deeply, into that one’s eyes. As He looked, beloved, as He looked upon them, so they wept. They wept with the total embracing from Him of all they were and of all the Father had created them to be before the machinations of the Fall.
    And to some He would weep and gather them to His bosom and hold them close, so close. And it was a holy moment in eternity.
    And then, to others, I saw Him start to laugh with the irrepressible intense and overflowing joy and laughter of Heaven, and so, too, their weeping at the wonder and the awe of Him was turned in a moment to the intense joy of being fully understood and embraced.
    In the incredible knowledge of being fully known by Him and yet loved more even than a mother, even as a babe in arms, so tender was His love for them. And so He would hold their hands and smile with joy unimaginable and reach out to each as He walked by and as they clung to Him. And O dearest child of God, still they felt His touch linger as He continued His walk. And for each one that He passed, it was as though it was only He and them in the entire throne room.
    For they only saw Him and He only saw them. And so it was with each of the millions of His beloved.
    As He walked up the nave I sensed that He was saying, “Thank you, thank you,” to each who had stood for Him—even in the darkest times when they had been so weak. And as He held them and as they clung to Him, He was saying “Thank you. Well done, good and faithful servant. You who stood for Me while so much was dark and unseen and when, at so many times, all the glory of Heaven seemed so far away and My presence seemed hidden from your sight. Still you kept faith; still you stood strong. Even when your limbs were weary and when your soul was overwhelmed with the stresses and the pressures of earth, still you stood for Me. Still you preached My Gospel. Thank you,” He would whisper.
    And as He continued to walk down the nave toward His Father, all those that He had passed and touched—and, child of God, not one was left out from His touch and from His attention—so all looked after Him with such adoration and with such a terrible, indescribable yearning.
    Then I saw Him turn His head back to them. He was as a lover who cannot bear to leave His beloved alone even for a moment. His yearning was so terrible for them also, for each was to Him His bride.
    And so, as little children, they were comforted. Then once again I saw His face shine with the pure joy of gazing upon His Father’s face and glory. And so He continued to walk toward the Great Throne of Light. Somehow I knew that each one of these was His great gift to His Father, that each one had been saved from the clutches of sin and damnation by the unsurpassable sacrifice of the Holy Son of God, the splendid Lamb of God, back into the Father’s hands.
    And then the Father stood, His hands outstretched toward the Son. Oh, and the Son could hardly walk for the intense glory emanating from the Father—the glory and the power and the joy, and the joy and wonder and awesome thickness of the mantle of His glory. His glory began to fall across the throne room, and all the faces were closed eyes in rapture, their hands outstretched as the Son in all His glory walked toward the Father, and they became as one.
    This is what we live for on earth, beloved.
    This is why we stand.

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